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Saw palmetto Extract

Latin Name: Serenoa repens (bartram) small.
Plant Source: Fruit
Appearance: White Powder
CAS: 84604-15-9
Specification: 25%, 45%(GC-MS)

1. Saw Palmetto Extract inhibits androgen and estrogen receptor activity and helps both men and women to balance hormones.
2. Saw Palmetto Extract cure inflammation: herb helps treat bladder inflammation and helps with urinary flow.
3. Saw Palmetto Extract for women: Women also use Saw Palmetto herb to stimulate breast enlargement and also to treat uterine irritability.
4. Saw Palmetto Extract is also used to treat impotence, frigidity, and also used as an aphrodisiac. Some new evidence shows that Saw Palmetto may also help with thyroid deficiencies.
5. Saw Palmetto Extract is used to clear chest congestion, treat coughs.

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