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Stevia extract

Latin Name: Stevia rebaudiana(Bertoni)hemsl
Plant Source: Leaf
Appearance: White fine powder
CAS: 91722-21-3
Specification: Stevia glycosides 80%-90%; RebA 40%-90%
Product details:
Stevioside is the main ingredient in stevia leaf, which is not only sweet and low in calories, but also has a certain pharmacological effect. Stevia sugar are the treatment of diabetes, blood sugar control, lower blood pressure, anti-tumor, resisting diarrhea, enhance immunity, promote metabolism, and so on, to control obesity, regulating stomach acid, restore nerve fatigue has a good effect, also has significant curative effect for heart disease, pediatric dental caries and so on, the most important is that it can eliminate the side effects of sucrose.It is a kind of natural sweetener with low calorie and high sweetness.

(1). Widely used as a sweetener for food to improve taste,low costs and extend shelf life.
(2). Available as a beer or liquor additive to improve taste,enrich and whiten foam and remove the taste of hotness.
(3).Applied in toothpaste to extend sweet taste,lower growth of bacteria and reduce dentist disease.

1. Food and beverage
2. Nutritional supplement


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