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Green Coffee Bean Extract

Latin Name: Coffea Arabica L.
Plant Source: Seed
Appearance: Yellow Brown powder
CAS: 327-97-9
Specification: 50% Chlorogenic Acid


1. Weight Reduction;

2. Antibacterial;

3. Diminish inflammation;

4. Detoxification;

5. Decrease Cholesterol absorption;

6. Lower blood pressure;

7. Stimulate leukocyte;

8. Accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis;

9. Promote excrete of gastric juice.

1. Green Coffee Bean Extract can be used as anti-infectious active ingredient.

2. Green Coffee Bean Extract has wide anti-virus, anti-bacteria effects.

3. Green Coffee Bean Extract has relatively lower toxicity and side-effects.

4. Green Coffee Bean Extract has obvious anti-infectious effects.

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