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Lotus Leaf Extract

Latin Name: Folium nelumbinis
Plant Source: leaf
Appearance: Brown fine powder
CAS: 475-83-2
Specification: 2%Nuciferine


1. Protect the heart and assist in weight loss.

2. Relieve summer-heat, anticoagulant and antidote in medicine.

3. With the function of diuretic and laxative.

4. Treat hyperlipemias, obesities, pneumonia, baby diarrhea and wean summer hot, etc.

1. Lotus leaf extract is applied in food filed, it is widely used as loose weight and keep healthy.

2. Lotus leaf extract is applied in pharmaceutical field, it can treat arthritis and postpartum syndrome.

3. Lotus leaf extract is applied in cosmetic field, it is widely added into cosmetics.

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