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Motherwort extract

Latin Name: Leonurus japonicus Houtt.
Plant Source: whole herb
Appearance: brown fine powder
CAS: 52949-83-4
Specification: 5:1~10:1; 10%-20% Stachydrine Hydrochloride
Product details:
Motherwort's several species are native to temperate regions of Europe and Asia and grow wild in Canada and the United States. For therapeutic purposes, the species are generally interchangeable. As its name implies, motherwort was used by the people in these geographical regions as a folk remedy for female reproductive disorders. Motherwort was also used for certain types of heart conditions, as the Latin word cardiaca indicates. Today,motherwort is recommended by herbalists and Commission E for heart palpitations occurring with anxiety attacks or other nervous disorders. Motherwort herb consists of the aboveground parts of Leonurus cardiaca L., gathered during flowering season, and their preparations in effective dosage. The preparation contains alkaloids (stachydrine), glycosides of bitter principles, and bufenolide.

1.Motherwort has obviously excitement effect on the uterus,which uterine muscle contraction can significantly increase.
2.With the function of increasing coronary flow and myocardial nutritional blood flow.
3.Motherwort can treat acute renal failure,there are significant diuretic effect.
4.With the function of enhancing immune system and antibacterial.

1. Pharmacy
2.Health foods
3 .Cosmetics



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