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Apple powder extract

Latin Name: Malus pumila
Plant Source: fruit
Appearance: yellow brown
CAS: 85251-63-4
Specification: 10:1
Product details:
Apple is a kind of fruit, is the rosaceae apple subfamily apple genus, its trees are deciduous trees.Apples are rich in minerals and vitamins and are one of the most commonly eaten fruits.
Apples are a low-calorie food that only produces 60 kilocalories per 100 grams.Apple nutrients soluble, easy to be absorbed by the human body, so called "live water."It helps dissolve sulphur and lubricates the skin.

(1). Anti-virus,anti-aging,anti-oxidation,skin-whitening,anti-tumor,anti-cancer.
(2). A new effective natural whitening product with high security. Very good for our skin.
(3).Promote absorbing other functional substance consist in the prescription.
(4). Good at antioxidation,can clear away our bodys free radicals.

1. Pharmacy.
2. Food and beverage.
3. Cosmetics.



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